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The unthinkable happened.

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Recovering from a sore throat.


Recovering from a sore throat.

In what sense was Harvey milk a republican?

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Okay, I was wrong about that, his Wikipedia page says he was a Democrat. And he did support a lot of good causes when he was on the city council in San Francisco. I think what stuck in my craw about that one post was that it seemed to imply that he was some sort of fiery radical queer when in fact he was in many ways the Dan Savage of his time because he wrought a lot of divisions in the people who initially supported him, and then there are things like this:

Milk, however, took advantage of the opportunity to illustrate his cause that public perception of gay people would be improved if they came out of the closet. He told a friend: “It’s too good an opportunity. For once we can show that gays do heroic things, not just all that ca-ca about molesting children and hanging out in bathrooms.”

It just seems like he won a lot of appeal by playing to people’s stereotypes and being conciliatory. I’m often loath to call people assimilationists but that’s what he strikes me as.

i’m sorry, i can’t let this go, i need to reblog it again just to boggle at how completely fucking ahistorical and divorced from reality someone has to be to interpret “i want people to see that gay people can be good, heroic people and that their disgusting, homophobic idea of gay people as sexual predators and child molesters is wrong” as some kind of ~straight-acting assimilationist~ statement. 

literally what the actual fuck, what planet are you on, do you realise what you are saying? the “dan savage of his time”? learn a motherfucking book. also why are you even talking about someone when you had to check wikipedia to find out that he was in fact a democrat i mean… 

this is such a perfect illustration of what is wrong with tumblr lgbt/queer discourse tbh, it’s a bunch of people with no concept of their own history parroting the same shit, all trying to sound more ~radical~ and ~anti-assimilationist~ than each other, never checking sources or looking into an issue any further than a text post by whichever tumblr blogger or clique is currently considered the go-to source for super radiqueer opinions. it would be really funny if it wasn’t in this case so fucking infuriating. 

^^^ all of this, yes, exactly

And as an aside because a quadrillion people have been bringing this up, if some of Harvey Milk’s speeches seem a little preoccupied with the notion of gay men as child molesters, consider:

a) Association with pedophilia was and is one of the most common slurs attached to gay men. Here’s what Harvey Milk had to work with: “In a 1970 national survey, more than 70% of respondents agreed with the assertions that ‘Homosexuals are dangerous as teachers or youth leaders because they try to get sexually involved with children’ or that ‘Homosexuals try to play sexually with children if they cannot get an adult partner.’” (source)

b) Harvey Milk started his career as a teacher, and left teaching in large part because the stereotype of gay men as child molesters made it dangerous to be out to any degree, in any capacity, while working as a teacher.

c) Harvey Milk played a significant role in organizing against the Briggs Initiative, a proposition that would have banned gay men and lesbians from working in public schools (in large part because of fears of pedophilia), which was a major political issue in California in the late 1970s.

d) In a climate where it was dangerous to have strong positive representation of queer folks, pretty much the only times gay men were visible in the media was when they were accused of pedophilia or arrested in sex stings.

This is what a gay man who wanted to be a public figure had to reckon with. Mentioning the stereotypes of gay men as child molesters who have sex in public bathrooms was not validating it or slandering other gay men (although I’m not all that concerned about slandering anyone who molests children, tbh), it was acknowledging what he — and the entire gay community — was up against.


Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010


Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010

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My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever

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I love my skin!

i just cried at this gif. good morning.

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If you haven’t voted in New Zealand’s 2014 general election, you have 2 days left. Friday and Saturday. 

Look at this. 

The US lets us vote for like…12hrs. Insane lines. Having to take off from work. One day only. It’s like they want us not to vote.

A+ New Zealand, A+

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best of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


what was phoenix wright

oh my goodness these games 

This is literally what I sent wisforwonder tonight at the laundromat (plus a cat gif). I am so disappointed by the level of shock that put him in.