1. Finding this collection of portraits is easily the coolest thing I’ve seen all week. Be sure to click through to the Galerie VU’s page.

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    Hot Sir. Part 6.

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    I believe we can file this under “Bear hug”.

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  4. My housemates are short 250 dollars on utilities in the past three months, and I have walked home from seeing S&G friends for the first time in a month because there were too many people and I got overwhelmed with anxiety and just wanted silence and to be alone and untouched. Also Thiago helped me realize that a lot of my abdominal cramps / other pains are probably partially anxiety induced. Happy Spring! It’ll improve.

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    Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza’s Torres Blancas Miroslava Brooks

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    Growing up in the Lower East Side in the 1950s

    "Walking to school each day, I passed the Italian butcher shop, carcasses hanging in the window, and the fish monger, the dead bodies of fish, heads and tails intact staring up at me from their bed of ice … The Italian grocer on the corner, narrow and dark, redolent of those smells only an Italian grocery has: Parmesan cheese, olives, prosciutto and more …"

    " … the bodega where the Puerto Rican owner spoke no English and I stood with a nickel or dime in my grimy hand working hard to choose penny-candy from the glass case … Dots (those pastel half-circles of sugar pasted on a long strip of white paper), Smarties, miniature wax Coke bottles filled with dark syrup, red wax lips, candy cigarettes, Necco Wafers …"

    "The Italian ice place next-door [sold] lemon ices, smooth and tart, … served in a pleated paper cup. You’d squish it to get the ices to come up where they could be licked…"

    Dammit, Billie Frank, you have my childhood and I want it back.

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    Blue Icarus         Artist: danielbarkley.com

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    Penny Byrne.

    Melbourne, Australia based visual artist Penny Byrne creates powerful political messages using vintage porcelain figurines and found objects. These darkly humorous figurines span a range of issue such as global politics, pop culture, and the environment. A well respected ceramics conservator, Byrnes meticulously forges her wonderfully twisted figurines with great precision.

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    A summer look

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