1. Anonymous asked: What happened to the algetty link?

    Oh good call. I bet tumblr changed something, because now instead of interpreting links without http:// in front of them as being HTTP requests, they’re local links instead. Weird.

  2. I am so proud of this shitty photoshop I did.

  3. I want to bleach and dye my hair this summer so much, but I am pretty sure that’s forbidden in our office.

    I’ve never done it though.

  4. "Suck a Dick, Dollywood"

    ~ The Beast

  5. Dollywood really

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  6. I dreamt that I met Lori Beth Denberg working a Kentucky arcade, and when I complimented her career she had no idea what I meant. Then her boss turned out to be a really creepy children’s event photographer by day, pornographer by night.

  7. As the universe for what you want and you will receive it.

    So while I’m there, let’s get me in rubber / bound and gagged and hooded sometime soon, mkay?

  8. satanic-half-hispanic:

    alarming accuracy

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    1. Beyonce: We woke up in the kitchen saying "How the hell did this shit happen?"
    2. Me: I'll tell you how that shit happened. Bitch, you got roofied! Your ass needs to be more careful at da club.

  9. Finding this collection of portraits is easily the coolest thing I’ve seen all week. Be sure to click through to the Galerie VU’s page.

  10. hushpuppy1980:

    Hot Sir. Part 6.

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    I believe we can file this under “Bear hug”.

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  12. My housemates are short 250 dollars on utilities in the past three months, and I have walked home from seeing S&G friends for the first time in a month because there were too many people and I got overwhelmed with anxiety and just wanted silence and to be alone and untouched. Also Thiago helped me realize that a lot of my abdominal cramps / other pains are probably partially anxiety induced. Happy Spring! It’ll improve.